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TENZI Review: Quite possibly the best game ever!

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TENZI Review: Quite possibly the best game ever!

Whenever we take our game of Tenzi to a games night, it’s always the Tenzi table which ends up with lots of cheering and laughter… and after every game, there’s at least one person yelling “Nooooo I was SO close!!! Let’s play again!!!”

It’s fantastically easy, and a super quick game to play. You can learn the rules in seconds.

To play, all players roll their 10 dice at the same time. After each roll, put aside your dice which have rolled your chosen number and you continue rolling the rest of the dice as fast as you can (at the same time as the person next to you, who is frantically doing the same thing with their dice!). Continue doing this until all your dice show the same number. Whoever rolls the same number on all their ten dice first, is the winner, and they yell out “TENZI!”. The other players will be the ones yelling “Rematch!!! Best of three!!!”

It’s a simple game… but it’s FANTASTIC fun!

A game can take 30 seconds, or it can take 5 minutes, depending on your luck. But know that once you’ve got this game out, you’ll never only play it once.

Another wonderful thing about this game is how it can bring different generations together. An 80 year old can play a competitive game against a 5 year old, and nobody has an unfair advantage. If you can read the numbers on the dice, you can play.

“And is there an educational aspect?” I hear you ask. Why yes there is! Tenzi is a fantastic game for young kids to learn number recognition. And for those more advanced students, check out the optional “77 Ways to Play TENZI” Card Pack, which is a great add-on to your Tenzi game.

Tenzi is fantastic for families, for game nights, for rainy days, for kids, for adults, for number recognition in maths class, for fun at home.

Small enough to carry in your bag, to take on holidays, or to leave in your caravan… it really is the most wonderful all-rounder game.

We highly recommend it!

2–4 Players

1-5 Min Playing Time

Age: 7+

Buy TENZI at Brain Spice

(Tenzi is also available to be purchased in store from our brick and mortar store if you're lucky enough to be local to Bunbury, Western Australia!)

Would you like more in depth instructions on how to play? Here's a wonderful video tutorial with detailed instructions on how to play TENZI!

…And if you’d like to expand your TENZI experience, we also have the optional “77 Ways to Play TENZI” Card Pack, which is a great add-on to your TENZI game. It’s completely optional, but it gives you 77 new and different ways to play TENZI. The TENZI frenzy rolls on and on and on! View the optional card pack here: 77 Ways to Play TENZI.