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Small business during harsh economic times.

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Small business during harsh economic times.

The impact of harsh economic times is evident everywhere, regardless of what your favourite politician or news media might be suggesting. 

We can see people spending less, buying smaller items, and using payment systems like Afterpay more frequently.  Stock is harder to obtain, because exchange rates have declined, freight costs and delays have gone through the roof, and most prices have jumped.  Every wholesaler in Australia is wondering whether they will see a return on their investment.

Hard times can potentially bring out our best.  For us, we've been forced to go back to our original mission statement, back to basics, and refocus on what we are about. 

This isn't a bad thing.  We are now over eight years old, and we have grown substantially over the years.  It is time to remind ourselves how we began, and what we want to be.

We want to be the shop that evokes, and fosters, wonder in an oft cynical world.  We want to be the shop for things that intrigue, challenge, fascinate, or mystify.  We want to sell quality products that stimulate the senses and the imagination as well as the mind.  We want to support educators with innovative, effective, and fun learning resources for the classroom or the home.  We can't be everything to everyone, but for the curious people out there, we want to be the best Brain Spice we can be.

You might see us trim a little, recentre a little, let one or two things go, but always with the goal of offering more of who we are.  It is an exciting journey, but then, it has always been that.

I am also really excited about our new online GAS, and we hope that you will give it a try!  It feels like a natural extension of the service that we do our best to provide to customers in person, every day.

Walk with us, my friends, and please, stay curious!

- The Brain Spice Team