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About Us

Your brain loves learning!

I have spent much of my life working as a chemist in several fascinating fields, and with lots of amazing people. I have never forgotten the important role of wonder in science, and I believe that wonder is a vital ingredient to life in general. Whatever your age, a sense of wonder brings us in touch with the magic and truth of our subtle and astonishing world. Real science is a humble and open-minded process; an honest and personal quest for understanding. Real science is not the "science" presented as an all-knowing authority by the media.

Brain Spice is firstly an educational resources supplier. We aim to be a much needed support for southwest teachers and home-schooling parents, because quite frankly guys, you are all awesome. We have a deep respect for anyone who decides to take on the vastly important, incredibly challenging, and often thankless task of educating our kids.

We also sell a wide range of puzzles, gadgets, models, science kits, magic tricks, books and tabletop games, assembled from across the planet! We aim to promote not just learning, but a hands-on exploration of our world, as well as an appreciation of that incredible thing between our ears!

We are all bombarded with information every day, and the ability to discern good information from bad is more important than ever. That is what real science is about.

I am deeply disillusioned by what masquerades as "science" in the world today. Real science is a very personal voyage, and one that demands clear thinking, self-honesty, and humility. Real science separates fact from fiction, but it takes courage to question. Everyone can be, and really needs to be, something of a scientist in today's world. 

"A sense of wonder brings us in touch with the magic and truth of our subtle and astonishing world."

Our shop is very hands-on.... we want our customers to try out our puzzles and games, and see what they are buying first hand. If we haven't got what you want, please ask!

We are unique, and we have something to offer for all ages. If you are passing near Bunbury, perhaps take the time to swing by, visit us, and also explore our beautiful vibrant city!


Colin Scanlan
Owner / Manager



Colin Scanlan, owner and manager of Brain Spice, failing to duck under the counter quickly enough.