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Loyalty Point System

Brain Spice has implemented a Loyalty System, whereby loyalty points are earned at a rate of 1 point for every $10 spent on products.  Until spent, loyalty points will simply accumulate - they never expire.  Your current total loyalty points will be shown at the top of your invoice after each purchase.

Loyalty points can be redeemed for a discount of 0.50c per point (on product purchases only).  At the moment, loyalty points cannot be spent during checkout - we must unfortunately wait for the addition of this feature!  However, if you would like to use your loyalty points on a web store purchase, please just state this in the "Special Instructions" box.  We will adjust your loyalty point total accordingly, and refund you the saved amount.

Please note that your current loyalty point total is not yet available in your web store profile.  Your current loyalty point total will be shown on invoices and receipts, and can also be checked at any time by emailing us at Sales Support.

Regardless of whether they are spent or saved, your total earned loyalty points will activate "base discounts" as certain targets are reached. Base discounts are permanent discounts that apply to your purchases, in addition to discounts gained by spending loyalty points.  

Once you have activated a base discount, we will notify you by email.  You can then apply the discount to future purchases, by entering the level as a discount code.  For example, customers with the "Wayfarer" base discount can enter the discount code WAYFARER for a 2% discount on their purchases.



Loyalty Point Target

Base Discount %

Wayfarer           50           2
Trailblazer           150           3
Barnstormer           500           4
Navigator           1500           5