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Qwixx Game Review: The Perfect Maths Game for Homeschoolers

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Qwixx Game Review: The Perfect Maths Game for Homeschoolers

Homeschoolers, students, parents, teachers, and all quick game lovers! This post is for you!

We’d like to tell you about one of our favourite little games, which is fun, suitable for all ages, and it can also be used as a maths teaching aid!

Qwixx is a WONDERFUL game which is fun for the whole family…

…I know that sounds like cliché, but parents, you know what I’m talking about when I say that not every game which is categorised as “fun for the whole family”, is ACTUALLY fun for the whole family.

Sometimes a game is able to be played by the whole family, but it’s not something that adults will choose to play once the kids are in bed. Or sometimes it’s a good game for kids and adults, but the younger kids will have a hard time with the rules.

Qwixx isn’t like that.

Qwixx is ACTUALLY fun for the whole family.

For kids to play, for kids and parents to play together, for adults, for grandparents. Everyone will love this game no matter their age.

Think Yahtzee, but quicker, better, and much more fun.

And homeschoolers, teachers, and parents, this is where you will love it even more…

THIS IS A GREAT MATHS GAME for teaching quick addition up to 12, number recognition, number ascending/descending order, chance, and general addition.

Watch the video to see what I mean in regards to how this game can help teach maths, starting at a very young age.

And the wonderful thing about using Quixx as a learning tool, is that the students are genuinely having fun, so they don’t feel like they’re doing a maths lesson. Plus, the parent or teacher playing Qwixx with them, is genuinely having just as much fun as the student!

It’s a wonderful little game.

The box is roughly the size of a typical card game, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your shelf. Which also makes it a fantastic game to put in your bag or caravan, and to take on holidays.

The rules are simple to learn. Once you’ve done one practice turn to make sure you understand how it works, you’ll realise just how easy it is to play.

And once you’ve played one game all the way through, you’ll realise just how important it is to make good choices early in the game!

To play, each player needs a Qwixx playing card. The Quixx playing card has four rows, each showing a different colour. Red, yellow, green, and blue. Each coloured row has 12 numbered squares on it.

There are also two white dice and four coloured dice (red, yellow, green, and blue, matching the rows on the playing card).

To play, one player rolls the dice, and adds the numbers on the two white dice together. All players can then choose to cross that number off one of their rows on their Qwixx page if they think this is a good choice.

The active player (the player who has rolled the dice) can then also choose to use the coloured dice to add to one of the white dice, and cross that number off the relevant colour on their page too. For example, if the green dice has rolled a 3, and the white dice have rolled a 2 and a 4, the player can choose to use the number 5 (adding the green 3 and white 2), or a 7 (adding the green 3 and white 4), and they cross that number off their green row.

Once that player has finished their choice, the dice is passed to the next player, and those steps are repeated for the next roll.

The aim of the game is to cross as many numbers off each coloured row as you can. Whoever gets the most crosses, wins.

However, here’s the challenge: Once you have crossed a number off a row, all numbers to the left of that cross are now unavailable to cross off on future turns. Meaning if you cross off a 7, you cannot cross off numbers 1-6 on that row for the rest of the game.

The first two rows are ascending. The last two rows are descending. So this gives some good choices. However, as the game goes on, these choices get fewer and fewer.

Once a player is unable to play a turn 4 times, or once players “lock” 2 rows (which means players have got 5 crosses on a row, then also crossed the last number in that row), the game is over, and the crosses are added up and the score is calculated.

The whole game is very quick, and can last 5-15 minutes depending on the amount of players, and how experienced they are.

Qwixx really is a fun, and very clever little game to play. And very rarely will you ever only play it once when you get it off your shelf.

We highly recommend it!

Ages 8+

2 to 4 players

Playing time: 15 minutes

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(Qwixx is also available to be purchased in store from our brick and mortar store if you're lucky enough to be local to Bunbury, Western Australia!)

Would you like more in depth instructions on how to play? Here's a wonderful video tutorial with detailed instructions on how to play Qwixx!