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Magic Makers

The Matchbox Illusion


The Matchbox Illusion
Remove from your pocket a matchbox and a toothpick. Push the toothpick straight through the center of the box, freely showing all sides with nothing to hide. Remove the toothpick and open the box. What they see is a solid brass block that entirely fills the box! The solid brass block can be examined. No skill required.

No sleight of hand! A self-working miracle!
Design invented by Rob Stiff of Magic Makers
Colin's thoughts: I own a slightly different version of this illusion, and it makes jaws drop. The Magic Makers version has been executed well, and is a fine addition to anyones repertoire. You really don't need much skill to execute this illusion, but it is still worth practicing a few times alone before attempting to demonstrate - there is one moment in particular, where a bit of gentle misdirection wouldn't go astray!