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Animals and Plants

Discover the spectacular plants and animals which share our planet, and read about the diverse range of habitats in which they live.

Art and Illusion

Sometimes, art is designed to bewilder the rational mind. But all art is a conversation with some part of your soul.
The Night Sky Planisphere - Southern Hemisphere Large 200mm diam

Astronomy and Space

Awards and Rewards

We all need positive feedback.  Remember to give yourself a sticker once in a while.

Backyard Adventures

Enough screen time.  Let's explore the real world.
Draw It 3D


Our books can be quirky, weird, wondrous, and a little challenging - just like our world.
How Many Moons Does The Earth Have

Books For Bigger Kids

Our books can be quirky, weird, wondrous, and a little challenging - just like our world.
13 Art Illusions Children Should Know

Books For Everyone

Some books are simply timeless, and ageless.
Draw It 3D

Books For Kids

We say they're for kids, but just between you and me, I personally get a lot of satisfaction our of a good picture book nowadays.
GraviTrax Tunnels

Build and Create

It doesn't matter how you do it; just create something.  Your brain will thank you for it.

Charts, Posters, Borders, Education Aids

Deck out your classroom, and dazzle your students!  They may need sunglasses.

Chemistry and Crystals

We're passionate about crystal growing, and chemistry has been my life.  So if you need some guidance, fire me an email!  There is no field of science more fascinating, surprising, or satisfying (but I'm a little biased).

Cooperative Games

Games in which the players must work together.  Some cooperative games spice things up further, by having a possible traitor at the table!  

Crafts and Activities

Have fun solving crazy conundrums and doing amazing activities with our range of crafts and activities!

Curious Things!

Fascinating things for curious people.

Dexterity Games

Games which can only be won by flicking, launching, tossing, or balancing things.
Dinosaurs - Everything You Need to Know About

Dinosaurs and Fossils

Learn everything you'd ever want to know about the prehistoric world and the magnificent creatures who ruled the earth before us.

Dungeons and Dragons

The mighty roleplaying game at its most magnificent.... fifth edition!  Dungeons and Dragons has been spinning yarns since the 70's, combining imaginative and immersive storytelling with cooperative gameplay and a healthy dose of dice-driven maths.  There has never been a better time to dive into this phenomenal game!
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