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Dexterity Games

Games which can only be won by flicking, launching, tossing, or balancing things.

Dinosaurs and Fossils

Learn everything you'd ever want to know about the prehistoric world and the magnificent creatures who ruled the earth before us.

Dungeons and Dragons

The mighty roleplaying game at its most magnificent.... fifth edition!  Dungeons and Dragons has been spinning yarns since the 70's, combining imaginative and immersive storytelling with cooperative gameplay and a healthy dose of dice-driven maths.  There has never been a better time to dive into this phenomenal game!

Educational Games

Games that subversively reinforce math, memory, observational or literary skills whilst distracting players with a whole heap of fun.

Emotional Health

Help them build a healthy sense of self.  

Help them understand that their uniqueness is their strength.  

Help them to appreciate the journey, rather than focus solely on the destination.

Emotional Health

Learn to take better care of yourself so you can thrive both socially and emotionally. When we live as who we are, happy in our own skin, it changes our world for the better!

Engineering and Mechanics

How to make cool things out of gears, levers, motors, and wheels.



Fidgets, Calming Toys and Stress Relief

Intelligent people fidget.  Or so I keep telling myself.

Finally Back in Stock!

Everybody's favourite items are back in stock! Check out what's back!

Gadgets and Curios

Gadgets For Grown-Ups

Because gadgets are cool.  Tell me I'm wrong.

Game Accessories

Those bits and bobs that we gamers sometimes need.

Games for Families

Tabletop games bring families together like nothing else we know!  Here's a selection of games that work particularly well for some family fun.

Games for Gamers

So you have a hankering for something a little deeper and crunchier than Catan?  It is the Golden Age of tabletop games, and a wonderful time to explore this rewarding hobby. Here's our selection of games with richer, deeper, or more subtle gameplay!

Games for Kids

Here's our selection of games for our discerning younger customers!

Games for More than Four

Expecting visitors?  Need a game that caters for more than a few players?  Here's our selection of games that work well with a crowd!