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Numero® is Back!

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Numero® is Back!

As a reseller, Numero® has been out of reach to us for several years now, thanks to some contractual conundrums with the distributor. 

But with the kind assistance of our wonderful friend Dr Paul Swan, and the direct intervention of IET's Julie Richards, after five long years we can finally return this wonderful game to our shelves!

Numero, card game, mental maths, IET, Brain SpiceNumero, card game, mental maths, IET, Brain Spice Numero, card game, mental maths, IET, Brain Spice

Numero® is a mental maths card game that can be enjoyed anywhere, and by just about any age.  Kids have often already encountered Numero® at school, where it has become a popular adjunct to the maths curriculum... and they love it!  There are even inter-school Numero® competitions!  At home, this game will help strengthen mental maths skills and concepts at least as much as any homework, and it is much more fun.

Numero® is more than a maths teaching tool.  It is so popular because it is simply a well-designed, enjoyable card game.  For the older generation, it is also fantastic for keeping the brain stimulated.  The inventor, Frank Drysdale, developed Numero® to play with his grandchildren and to keep his mind active.  Even people with varying forms of dementia can often remember their times tables and basic maths, and enjoy utilising those skills with this game.  And, kids love playing Numero® with their grandparents!

Numero® is owned by Alzheimer’s WA, who benefit from royalties paid on all sales.

If you would like to know a bit more about Numero®, you can explore their website at

Or you can buy your own copy of the game here!