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A letter from uGears, a Ukraine company

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A letter from uGears, a Ukraine company

We are a huge fan of the superlative uGears wooden model range.  uGears are actually a Ukrainian company, and I want to share a letter from them that I've just received via the Australian distribution company. 

I can't even begin to imagine what they have had to endure over the past month.


Dear Partners,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank You for Your continued business and fruitful cooperation with Ugears.
As You know, Ukraine and the Ukrainian people are facing cruel attacks from Russia and it military forces. Too many Ukrainian civil citizens have suffered from these attacks and are facing hard times.
Ugears is an Ukrainian producer of a unique wooden mechanical models and 3D puzzles made of plywood. It is located in Horenka, Kyiv region, that suffered greatly from war actions.
In order to continue what has been started and to fulfill Your orders on Ugears models range, we do have a strong will to continue business, therefore based on Emergency plan we need some time to establish production in EU. Also we need funds to support Ugears’ staff (engineers, designers, warehouse staff etc.) in Ukraine.
Resulting from all of above, we kindly ask You to accept new price list for Ugears models that take affect starting APRIL 1st  2022. In the new price list Distributor’s prices increased of 10%.
We understand that this calculation may affect Your business model or margin, but we are forced to procced in this way in order to have competitive RRP prices to Ugears rivals.

Hoping for Your understanding and we truly appreciate Your dedication to UGEARS and we wish You to grow Your business and achieve Your goals!
Price list form will be sent shortly.
Best regards,
Your Ugears Sales Team