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Wooden Bloom Bouquet


In a quaint, sunlit workshop nestled at the edge of a picturesque field, a talented artisan crafted the most enchanting wooden flower bouquet. Each petal was carefully carved from the finest wood, and every stem was a polished delicate piece. With great dedication, the artisan painted the blooms in vivid, lifelike colors, ensuring that they would forever be in full bloom.

Flexible flower: Adjust the flower angle to make the arrangement more harmonious.

Adjustable stem: Adjust the stem to fit different heights of the container.

Filler flowers: Add texture with filler flowers including eucalyptuses, green fruits, and green stems.

Message card: Write heartfelt blessings to the loved one.

4 focal flowers: A sunflower, lilac, pink rose, and red camellia are included.

Wrapping paper: Create a stunning bouquet with the dual-color wrapping paper.

  • Items Included: Pink Rose, Sunflower, Red Camellia, Eucalyptus, Lilac
  • Number of Pieces: 581
  • Difficulty Level: ★★★☆☆☆
  • Assembly Time: About 3h
  • Age: 8+
  • Package Size: 307*227*68mm
  • Assembly Size: 260*150*400mm