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The Stephie - FidgetLand


Stephie is a colorful, medium sized fidget that was designed for classrooms and meetings because it's silent! Use the Stephie fidget to help burn off excess energy and increase focus. Like all our fidgets, the Stephie helps to reduce stress, anxiety and symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD, Autism, nail biting, hair twirling, leg bouncing and many others.

Size: Medium – Designed for kids, teens and adults, elderly

Where to use it: Ideal for classroom or office settings. The Stephie is the one of quietest fidgets we have. If you want discreet and quiet, Stephie is your fidget.

Who uses it: Students, professionals. Those suffering from any form of shaking disorder.

Our thoughts...

A good fidget toy is unobtrusive, non-distracting, silent, and satisfying in a very tactile way. It should be something that can be worked with one hand in a jacket pocket. It should be solid and long-lasting: metal helps, as it gives the toy a nice weight and a cold, solid feel. It should be something that you should be able to carry and use anywhere, and not annoy anyone.

If you're in the Bunbury area, drop by and visit us at Brain Spice and you can try before you buy!

We are currently the only brick-and-mortar reseller of Fidgetland fidgets in Australia!

- Colin Scanlan (Owner / Manager of Brain Spice)