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The Rizzle - FidgetLand


Rizzle is a large fidget that is best described as fast, fluid and fun. It's the only fidget specifically designed for adults, with two interlocking rings and 8 fast aluminum rollers. Like all Fidgetland fidgets, Rizzle is discreet and perfect for the office and college classrooms.

Size: Large - Designed for adults and/or teens with larger hands

Where to use it: Offices, sporting events, meetings, traveling, parenting, walking down the aisle…

Who should use it: Stress & anxiety sufferer’s, ADDer’s, those who feel restless. Also great to help break habits. The Rizzle is our heaviest and fastest moving fidget, it will keep your fingers constantly in motion.

Our thoughts...

A good fidget toy is unobtrusive, non-distracting, silent, and satisfying in a very tactile way. It should be something that can be worked with one hand in a jacket pocket. It should be solid and long-lasting: metal helps, as it gives the toy a nice weight and a cold, solid feel. It should be something that you should be able to carry and use anywhere, and not annoy anyone.

If you're in the Bunbury area, drop by and visit us at Brain Spice and you can try before you buy!

We are currently the only brick-and-mortar reseller of Fidgetland fidgets in Australia!

- Colin Scanlan (Owner / Manager of Brain Spice)