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The Noah - FidgetLand



Noah is the ultimate fidget toy and was the first in our line of fidgets. Like most of our products Noah has two interlocking rings, but what makes Noah different is the large silicone band in the center that rolls back and forth like a treadmill for your fingers. Noah was designed to be used in the classroom and in meetings; it's discreet, durable and awesome!

Use Noah to help reduce stress, anxiety and symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD, Autism, nail biting, hair twirling, leg bouncing and many others. Like all Fidgetland fidgets, the Noah reduces stress and anxiety, while increasing focus and attention. Order one today, you're going to love it! Noah is available in regular and Jumbo.

Size: Designed for kids, teens and adults with smaller hands. (Also available in Jumbo size)

Where to use it: Office and classrooms, sporting events, doctor visits, flying, waiting in line, stuck in traffic…

Who should use it: Great for trying to break a habit, any type of picker, ADD’ers, kids/teens trying to focus better in school, adults struggling with anxiety

Our thoughts...

A good fidget toy is unobtrusive, non-distracting, silent, and satisfying in a very tactile way. It should be something that can be worked with one hand in a jacket pocket. It should be solid and long-lasting: metal helps, as it gives the toy a nice weight and a cold, solid feel. It should be something that you should be able to carry and use anywhere, and not annoy anyone.

If you're in the Bunbury area, drop by and visit us at Brain Spice and you can try before you buy!

We are currently the only brick-and-mortar reseller of Fidgetland fidgets in Australia!

- Colin Scanlan (Owner / Manager of Brain Spice)