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Oxford University Press

Text Types for Primary Schools


Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4
Book 5
Book 6

Text Types for Primary Schools is an engaging and innovative series, designed to assist students to write in a variety of text types according to their needs and purposes. The books provide relevant and challenging writing models that reflect the aims of all current state curriculum documents.

Student Books:

  • Provide relevant and challenging writing models in a range of factual and literacy text types and forms.
  • 'Your Turn' pages encourage students to use the writing model to construct their own written texts.
  • Provide teachers with support for planning and include scope-and-sequence charts and student writing profiles.
  • Highlight text structure and relevant language features.
  • Specific text types have been re-organised from simplest to hardest text types under the two main headings: Factual and Literary Texts.
  • Books 1-6 are divided into 26 units of work, and each unit focuses on a specific text type.

Each unit consists of two pages and includes the following features:

  • a model of a particular text type
  • a corresponding page for students to practise this text type in context
  • additional ideas and activities to extend students' knowledge of the different text types
  • scope and sequence chart
  • progress chart to keep track of the student's work
  • student self-assessment page
  • overview of the topic content for all text types featured in the series.