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Paul Swan

Teaching Mathematics Through Story Books - Book 3


Years 4-6
Teachers Reference

Dr Paul Swan, Sheila Griffin, Linda Marshall, Kristin Humphreys

This book takes 12 of the most popular story books for the Year 4 – Year 6 age range and provides a number of mathematical activities for students to do based off the story book; for example students have opportunities to practise reducing and simplifying factions in Edward Einhorns’ Fractions in Disguise. The book includes copiable resources to make using the activities a breeze. Each story book is given multiple mathematical activity options.

Titles covered:

Year 4

  • The Doorbell Rang
  • Heads or Tails
  • Equal Shmequal
  • Uno’s Garden

Year 5

  • The Once Upon a Time Map Book
  • A Place for Zero: A Math Adventure
  • How Big is a Million?
  • Just a Second

Year 6

  • Fractions in Disguise
  • If the World Were 100 People
  • If…
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs For All!
  • More Story Books

The book also list other great books for these year levels.