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ShadowDark Mini Adventure - Games Unplugged Ticket


Brain Spice says: Well, this is a first.  We've been running board game events for nine years, but never before have we been crazy enough to host a role playing game as part of the event.  It was never really viable with 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons  - it takes hours just to roll up a 5E character.  But we've recently discovered ShadowDark, and suddenly, all sorts of possibilities abound.  The ShadowDark system harkens back to older and simpler days, when Dungeons & Dragons was a new phenomenon and the game was fast, lean, exciting, and quite a bit more deadly.  And playable within a couple of hours!

What is a role playing game?  The experience is difficult to describe; it is like being part of an unfolding story, where players are characters (often a diverse and motley lot) all describing what they each do, while the Dungeon Master describes the situation and what happens next.  Lots of dice rolling is involved, packing the game with plenty of unexpected twists and turns.  And yes, your character can die in the ShadowDark... but that just adds to the thrill and tension of treasure hunting within a dangerous dungeon!

If you have been intrigued by the idea of a Dungeons & Dragons game, and would enjoy the opportunity to give it a try, tonight is for you!

  • Hosted by: Colin
  • Number of seats: 4
  • Game Complexity (1=straightforward; 5=complex): 2.5 ish
  • Game Duration: Until the torch light flickers out... 

This ticket entitles you to a seat at the "ShadowDark Mini Adventure" game table, at the Games Unplugged event on Friday 24th May 2024.


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Okay.... so what is Games Unplugged?

Independent Bunbury businesses Brain Spice (Victoria St) and Caf-fez (Princep St) are collaborating to bring a unique “game cafe” experience to Bunbury.

Games Unplugged events are an opportunity to experience the amazing range of modern board and card games available today, in a relaxed and friendly cafe environment.  

Meet like-minded people, sip the best coffee in town, and enjoy a game or two!  Our experienced hosts will walk you through the game rules and assist you throughout the evening.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Tickets are $22 per person.  Every ticket includes a free voucher for a hot or cold beverage, and will automatically be in the draw for a game prize.
  • On checkout, choose “Pickup” as your shipping option.  Tickets can be collected from the Brain Spice store, any time before the event.
  • The venue is Caf-fez on Princep St, Bunbury.
  • Games Unplugged events are not BYO. Please do not bring your own food or drink. Complimentary water will be available, and other refreshments available for purchase.
  • The events are nominally restricted to ages 10+.  Children of ages 10-14 need to be accompanied by at least one adult ticket-holder.
  • Tickets may be cancelled with full refund, up to 48 hours before the event. Strictly no refunds will be available after this time.
  • Games will begin at 7pm, and usually finish at around 10pm, but this can vary. To avoid inconveniencing other players please arrive on time, and expect to stay at least for the duration of a single game.
  • Please do not attend if you feel unwell.

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In Shadowdark RPG, you and your group of crawlers use magic, steel, and wits to delve into mysterious ruins, lost cities, and monster-infested depths. Wondrous treasures and long-forgotten secrets await you! But don't let your last torch burn out, or you could be swallowed by the Shadowdark...

Adventuring Party

5E players will find what they've been waiting for: an intuitive and complete TTRPG that serves as a seamless bridge into the heart of the Old School Renaissance.  

Old-school gamers will find a system that is familiar and nostalgic, but with major quality-of-life upgrades that modernize the old-school experience. 

Your legend awaits, crawler. Lift your blade, light your torch, and plunge into the unknown depths of the Shadowdark!


Shadowdark RPG has familiar elements of classic fantasy gaming, but it isn't a retro-clone. A lot of new game design ideas have emerged in the last 50 years, and we wanted to bring our favorite concepts together into a nostalgic-but-new adventuring system.

In this game, torches only last one hour of real time. The characters (and players) must make decisions quickly, or they'll run out of precious light! 

A few other features include: 

  • The four core classes: fighter, priest, thief, wizard
  • A d20-based, roll-high system
  • No darkvision — total darkness is dangerous 
  • Treasure grants XP, and tracking it is dead simple
  • Roll-to-cast spells — magic is exciting and risky
  • Simple distances (close, near, far)
  • Monster morale and reaction rolls
  • Always-on initiative — time is easy to track
  • The six classic stats (3d6 in order) 
  • No skills — just ability checks and advantage/disadvantage
  • Separate ancestry and class
  • Randomized character class abilities — emergent character growth!
  • Low hit points — fast and deadly combat
  • Simple encumbrance (gear slots)

Shadowdark RPG - Gelatinous CubeShadowdark RPG pulls players in faster than a gelatinous cube