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Statistics and Probability - Australian Curriculum


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Book 2
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Australian Curriculum Mathematics – Statistics and Probability

Australian CurriculumMathematics – Statistics and Probability (Foundation to Year 6) is a series of three teacher resource books, written byClare Way, that support teaching and learning activities in Australian Curriculum Mathematics. The books focus on theStatistics and Probabilitycontent strands of the Australian Curriculum Mathematics. The resource books include theoretical background information, resource sheets, hands-on activities and assessment activities, along with links to other curriculum areas.

The two sub-strands are included – Chance and Data representation and interpretation – as well as the content descriptions of each sub-strand and the four proficiency strands.


  • Australian Curriculum Mathematicslinks
  • teacher information
  • related terms
  • student vocabulary
  • content description explanations
  • teaching points
  • checklists of possible student difficulties
  • proficiency strands
  • hands-on activities
  • links to other curriculum areas
  • resource sheets
  • answers