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Soap Film Experiment Kit


Soap film always makes a shape with least surface area, hence a soap bubble tends to be spherical!

With this Soap Film Experiment Set for Schools you will be able to progress from seeing the patterns made by soap film constrained into "two dimensions" by plastic plates (which enables you to look at the shortest distance between two or more points) to looking at the shapes film takes up when constrained in three dimensions by a framework.

Complex and unusual shapes emerge, which are very instructive and can be used to discuss a variety of scientific and mathematical principles - from basic geometry to surface tension, light refraction and minimum energy surfaces.

This set is supplied with teachers notes and is suitable from Primary (Key Stages 2 and 3) to higher levels of education depending on the topics studied.

This set contains:

  • Plastic tubes and corner pieces to make two sets of four frameworks (tetrahedron, cube, prism & octahedron)
  • Two plastic plates with joiners to view soap film in two dimensions