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Tomoe Soroban

Slavonic 100-Bead Abacus



The 100-bead or Slavonic abacus is an ideal apparatus to help children understand what numbers are. For example, the abacus can show how times tables are just the repeated addition of the same number. It is also easy to demonstrate number patterns very visually. For the kinaesthetic learner, its hands-on approach is ideal. In the same way it is ideal for the visual learner, as everything can be 'shown' in real time.

Although the Slavonic or 100-bead abacus is intended for younger children initially, its application can be extended to older children to teach the quantities and qualities of number as a physical reality.

This high quality abacus is imported directly from Japan. It is constructed of wood and steel, with brightly painted red and yellow wooden beads. It also has a strong plastic carry handle.