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Rokit - Complete Kit


Powered by air … Goes like a Rokit!

Rokit is a precision water rocket used by schools, colleges, and individuals throughout the world. Developed by scientists to demonstrate Laws of Motion the Rokit water rocket kit has all the components* to perform repeatable experiments.

Rokit is safe to use, easy to assemble and flies to over 30 metres!

It makes great fun in learning science – it’s a valuable and visual tool for all levels of science and education.

Attach your Rokit to a standard plastic fizzy pop bottle, part fill with water and use a cycle (or stirrup) pump to power it for automatic launch! Fizzy pop bottles and cycle pump connections are universal!

Rokit Assembly 1 Rokit Assembly 2 Rokit Assembly 3
Rokit Assembly 4 Rokit Assembly 5 Rokit Assembly 6
Rokit Assembly 7 Rokit Assembly 8 Rokit Assembly 9