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Primary Writing

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Blackline Master

Primary Writing

Examines a wide variety of text types

Primary writing is a series of seven blackline masters designed to provide opportunities for students to read, examine and write a variety oftext types including:

  • narratives;
  • recounts;
  • procedures;
  • reports;
  • explanations; and
  • expositions.


  • student texts written in particular formats
  • analysis pages to familiarise students with the parts of a particular writing format
  • student planning pages with a suggested topic
  • detailed blackline master worksheet information for teachers which includes:
    – encapsulated versions of the students text with sections clearly shown;
    – examples of some language features for each writing format;
    – suggestions for using the worksheet;
    – display and presentation suggestions for completed writing;
    – purpose, audience and context suggestions; and
    – answers for the student analysis page.
  • front teachers pages which include:
    – outcome links;
    – specific information about each writing format;
    – writing formatchecklists;
    – blank writing formats; and
    – proofreading and editingchecklist.