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RIC Publications - New Wave

New Wave Mental Maths - Workbook


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New Wave Mental Maths – Workbooks

New Wave Mental Maths is the complete mental mathematics resource

New wave mental maths is a series of student workbooks written for Australian primary schools. Comprehensively revised to take into account the requirements of the Australian Curriculum, New wave mental maths provides an ideal platform for the development of mental skills and mathematical concepts.

Incorporating Australian Curriculum Requirements


  • comprehensive coverage of mental mathematics concepts
  • opportunities for consolidation of mathematical concepts
  • practice in speed of recall
  • opportunities for reinforcement of ongoing mathematical concepts
  • sequential development of mathematical concepts
  • a structured daily program for the whole year
  • pictorial, graphic and written representation of problems
  • an inbuilt review and assessment program (levels D-G)
  • clear two colour presentation throughout
  • record pages provided
  • answers provided
  • multiple levels provide ideal opportunity for implementation into an outcomes–based program

Each level provides coverage of all mathematical strands applicable to mental mathematics activities.

A teachers guide to accompany the workbooks is also available. This contains suggestions to help develop mental strategies, curriculum links, assessment and answers.