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New Wave Literacy - Workbook


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New Wave Literacy – Workbooks

Literacy skills

What is New Wave Literacy?

  • a seven-book literacy skills workbook resource
  • the perfect resource to support any literacy program
  • a program of skill development focusing on upper level thinking skills that underpin literacy competence

Why New Wave Literacy?

  • content themes based on interests of students at each level
  • process themes are a sequential development of the reading and writing processes
  • skills are treated in the context of a high-interest theme
  • based on a modern text approach to reading and writing
  • reflects the technical age to which schools and children belong
  • organised into easily managed modules built around a theme
  • can be used in a group or independent student situations
  • provides opportunity for student self-assessment
  • provides a developmental, sequential coverage of major literacy skills
  • scope and sequence chart provided to highlight skill