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Nelson Senior Maths 12 Mathematics Essential Student Book


Year 12 - Units 3 and 4
Student Book with Access Codes

Nelson Senior Maths 12 Mathematics Essential has been revised and updated for the Western Australia Curriculum and the Australian Curriculum. The Mathematics Essential course caters for students heading towards the workforce or further training after school, covering interesting and relevant applications of mathematics, and teaching useful skills for life.

You’ll also have access to FREE* NelsonNet resources to engage your students and provide you with valuable teaching tools.

Teacher Resources:

  • • All the resources from the student website
  • • Chapter PDFs
  • • Teaching plan
  • • ExamView software and question bank

Student Resources:

  • • Worksheets
  • • Skillsheets
  • • Video tutorials
  • • Spreadsheets
  • • ExamView chapter quizzes
  • • Weblinks

About the Author

Sue Thomson is an experienced teacher and prolific author, well-known for writing and presenting for senior practical mathematics. Sue’s interests are in language development, financial literacy and making mathematics accessible to all.

Judy Binns was head teacher of mathematics at Mulwaree High School in Goulburn and has taught at Homebush Boys High School. She has an interest in motivating students with learning difficulties and wide experience in teaching senior practical mathematics courses. Judy also co-wrote New Century Maths 11-12 Mathematics Standard 1.


Written by successful authors Sue Thompson and Judy Binns, who are experts in teaching and writing for senior practical mathematics courses.

Chapters are written in plain English with an emphasis on numeracy and literacy.

Themes include sport, health, travel, house plans, building and measurement.

Each chapter begins with a chapter problem to be solved, a chapter table of contents, and a list of chapter outcomes.

Graded exercises are linked to worked examples and include problem-solving and realistic applications.

Investigations explore the syllabus in more detail through group work, discovery and modelling activities.

A keyword activity at the end of each chapter focuses on the mathematical language and terminology learned in the chapter.

Glossary/index is a useful reference of course terminology.