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Maths Geometry - RIC Essentials



RIC Essentials: Maths – Geometry, Measurement, Probability and Statistics

Laminated and folded to A4 for easy filing and durability

Students and teachers alike will find these easy-to-use essentials crucial to everyday learning and teaching. Laminated, the essential study guides come in a convenient A4 size specifically designed to fit neatly into a standard ring binder or just stand alone.


  • Clear explanations and diagrams for 2-D shapes, 3-D objects, angles, lines, coordinates, transformations, graphs, diagrams and tables
  • Maths rules and formulas;
  • Easy-to-read tables showing abbreviations, equivalent measures, measuring tools, decimal measures, months of the year and 24-hour and analog time;
  • Commonly used mathematical terms complete with succinct definitions;
  • Straightforward definitions and examples of approaches for calculating and recording chance events; and
  • Concise definitions and clear examples outlining how to use data for statistical purposes.