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Magic Makers

Magic Cartoon Deck


Spectator freely selects a card. The cards are then riffled. The Animated Magician comes to life as he takes off his hat, places it on the table, performs some magic with his wand, and pulls out one card... The Chosen Card! Comes with step-by-step directions and tips and free demo video upon purchase.

Note: this is the limited edition Bicycle deck version of the Cartoon Deck!

Colin's Comments: this is a seriously beautiful pocket trick for the budding card magician. It isn't automatic - you will need to practice some easy slights - but with that practice, even younger magicians should be able to mystify their friends right under their own nose.

Make sure you download and watch the demo video by Rob Stiff, as that really is the only way to properly learn the moves. Let me emphasise - the spectator can pick any card in the deck, and the trick will still work! The trick can be easily reset and repeated with a different chosen card, and there is also an alternative surprise finish that is guaranteed to draw laughter!

For the more experienced performer, this trick can also be easily built into bigger effects, so with a little imagination, the Magic Cartoon Deck can become the core of a mind-blowing performance. Have lots of fun with it!