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Literature - Australian Curriculum

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Australian Curriculum English – Literature

Australian Curriculum English – Literature is a series of seven books that provide opportunities for students to read and analyse a variety of text in accordance with the content descriptions of the literature strand of the Australian Curriculum English. All four sub-strands of Australian Curriculum English – Literature – Literature and context, Responding to literature, Examining literature and Creating literature – are covered through the use of original texts or retelling of folktales, fables, legends, myths and fairytales. Each book contains 18 units with questions and activities for analysing the provided text. These examples will help students understand how and why authors write what they write, enabling them to become better writers by employing similar strategies.


  • Focus on the Literature strand of Australian Curriculum English
  • Original texts for analysis
  • A range of activities to develop each content description of the four Literature sub-strands
  • Table showing the links between questions, activities and content descriptions
  • Interrelated links of each unit to the Literature, Literacy and Language strands of the English curriculum
  • Answers
  • Suggested general questions and activities for literature analysis
  • Suggested literature on similar themes by different authors