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Koala Counters with Buses Game Box


These lovely plastic koalas will motivate children to learn about colour, sorting, patterning, measurement, sequencing, number sense and more!

This set contains: 50 x Small Koalas + 5 Koala buses + one spinner + instructions to play various addition and subtraction games (ideal group size 4 to 5 children) in a plastic storage case.


The ability to visualise numbers -named 'subitising'- is an important skill which children in the Prep room ought to acquire. Our 10's frames are a powerful instrument to assist pupils in developing such strong visual memory of numbers and number sense once they have acquired basic notions of counting. Ten's frames help to bring about a more sophisticated counting technique as they favour the recognition of numbers from 1 to 10 and of the relationships among said figures.

Our koala buses with ten seats for small koalas will replace the usual mats and drawn paper cut-outs to make this number exploration MORE EXCITING!!! Especially by repeatedly placing the koala counters into the top-row seats first (left to right) and then filling the bottom-row seats (also left to right), pupils will develop sight recognition of number patterns.

When they can immediately see 5 and 10 koalas in the ten-frame bus, they can count on or back from these numbers to find the amounts.

For TEN-FRAME classroom exercises, visit The Franklin Institute's website, The University of Tennessee at Martin, Tacoma (University of Washington) and "Using 10 to Subtract" at