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Brain Spice

Jamaica Dice Game


We import this clever little maths game directly from Japan. Whether you play solitaire or as a crowd, it is totally addictive. Watch your friends' eyes cross and their fingers twitch as they try to beat you with their mental maths.

The "Jamaica" has 2 black dice and 5 white dice. The object of the game is to match the total (sum) of the 2 black dice and the total (by any formula) of the 5 white dice.

For instance, when the numbers of 2 black dice show 20 and 4, we add these two numbers. The sum, or target number, is 24. On the other hand, when the white dice show a 6, 3, 4, 5, and 1, we must add, subtract, multiply or divide to make 24. We must use each white dice once and only once! In this example: 6 x (5+1) - (3x4) = 24. Or..... (6x4) x (5-3-1) = 24!

When you play Jamaica with your friends, everyone simultaneously tries to find a formula to reach 24. See who can think of a formula first! If you can't make the target number, which happens occasionally, then the winner is the person who comes closest.

Jamaica is supplied by Tomoe Soroban, who also make and supply our beautiful Soroban Abacuses - make sure you check them out.

Jamaica comes in three colours: Red, Yellow, or Green. If you have a preference, please state it in the comments section at Checkout.