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Humanities and Social Sciences - WA 1st Edition


Year 7
Student Book with eBook

Pearson Humanities and Social Sciences Western Australia for Years 7-10 has been developed for the new Western Australian Curriculum for Humanities and Social Sciences.

This series, developed by an expert author team predominantly from Western Australia, will ensure you teach with engaging, relevant and quality content.

Key features of the Student Book

  • Fully aligned to the new Western Australian Curriculum for Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Improves the learners knowledge and understanding of humanities and social sciences and the connections between them.
  • Comprehensively covers key concepts including Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business, History and Geography.
  • Inquiry tasks and student activities enable learners to develop and grow skills such as questioning and researching, analysing, communicating and reflecting, and evaluating.
  • Specific Western Australian case studies, content and examples are provided to ensure a personalised learning experience for students. This also encourages learners to make connections between local and wider communities.
  • Developed using an Inquiry approach with tasks at the end of each chapter to help consolidate learning.

Table of Contents

  • Civics and citizenship Chapter 1: Designing our political and legal system
  • Civics and citizenship Chapter 2: Justice and the Australian legal system
  • Economics and business Chapter 3: Producing and consuming
  • Economics and business Chapter 4: Work
  • Geography Chapter 5: Water in the world
  • Geography Chapter 6: Place and livability
  • History Chapter 7: The ancient world: overview
  • History Chapter 8: Investigating the ancient past
  • History Chapter 9: Ancient Egypt
  • History Chapter 10: Ancient China