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English Skills Practice


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English Skills Practice

English skills practice is a series of workbooks linked to the requirements of the Australian National Curriculum for each stage of primary school. The aim of the series is to provide comprehensive and structured daily practice of already-taught literacy and language skills in spelling, word study, punctuation and grammar in order to consolidate and develop a student’s ability and confidence to use English.

Each workbook has 150 days of questions, organised into 15 units of 10 days followed by a set of revision questions for each unit. The number of daily questions increases throughout the series from 10 to 20.


  • Repeated daily practice of already – taught literacy concepts and skills
  • Spelling, phonic analysis, word knowledge – such as meaning, derivation, suffixes,prefixes– and punctuation and grammar questions included for each day
  • A grammatical focus in each unit enabling teachers to revise a particular grammatical concept either before or after the completion of a day’s work
  • A common theme in daily questions, providing a context to retain student interest
  • Opportunities for the identification of difficulties to inform future teaching activities for the whole class, a small group or for individual students

English skills practice is a supplement to any school’s English program and provides daily opportunities for students to practise and consolidate their literacy skills.