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Arcane Tinmen

Card Sleeves for Board Games


Extra Large 65 x 100mm
Large 59 x 92mm
Medium 57 x 89mm
Mini 41 x 63mm
Oversize 82 x 124mm
Small 44 x 68mm
Square 69 x 69mm
Tarot 70 x 120mm
Card Sleeves - Clear

Do you like to preserve and protect your favourite tabletop games? Does it break your heart every time you see a scratched card, frayed edge, or coffee stain?

We can help! We now stock a complete range of card sleeves for board games!

These are quality sleeves by Arcane Tinmen, a Danish company who also make the Dragon Shield sleeves for collectible cards.

The sleeves come in packs of 100.

If you are uncertain which sizes you need, we can help you with that too! Or, you can refer to the comprehensive list on BoardGameGeek.