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Brain Spice

Captain Thunderbolt And His Lady


Book - Childrens

He was the gentleman bushranger, and she was the woman who rode with him. Full of action and drama, this is the richly detailed and unputdownable true story of Captain Thunderbolt and his lady.

"Bail up!" demanded Captain Thunderbolt before he shouted the bar with the inn keeper's own profits.

Driven into banditry by injustice, this colonial Robin Hood, magnificent horseman, and skilled bushman was celebrated by his victims as vigorously as he was hunted by the law.

She was his chief lieutenant, his eyes, and his ears.

Intelligent and beautiful, Mary Ann Bugg dressed as a man, rode like a man, and helped keep Thunderbolt ahead of the troopers and trackers intent on pursuing him to his end.

Until one day. . .

Compellingly written and richly detailed, Captain Thunderbolt and His Lady has it all - action, drama, and two protagonists who defied social conventions for freedom.

This is an unputdownable story of an extraordinary partnership and a fresh retelling of one of Australia's greatest bushranging stories.