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36 Maths Games


Blackline Master

36 Maths Games

Of Chance and Strategy for Ages 5-8

36 Maths Games of chance and strategy is a teacher resource book of fun, hands-on board games which provide opportunities for students to acquire and practice mathematical skills in number, number operations, measurement, shape and space, and strategy. The variety of photocopiable games in the book provide tactile opportunities to use knowledge in a relaxed, ‘play’ situation without memorising or tedious rote learning.


  • 36 photocopiable board games
  • full instructions for each game including the equipment needed, number of players and aim
  • game variations, extension activities or notes
  • teacher background information about the use of board games
  • basic game-playing rules
  • instructions for using, making, and organising the games in a classroom and paired-maths situation
  • parent paired Maths record booklet
  • language cards
  • parent checklist of items to return
  • letter to parents
  • thank you cards
  • spinners to make