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I'm delighted to announce that the Powerball® is coming to Brain Spice

Powerballs are essentially handheld gyroscopes, powered by... you!  Their clever design means that you can control their spin speed with just gentle hand movements.  And the faster they spin, the more they push back, thanks to the wiles of physics.  They feel strangely alive in your hand!  Many models also light up spectacularly - all with your own energy.  No batteries required.

Powerballs can hit speeds of 18000rpm and higher - faster than formula 1 engines!

Powerballs are fantastic for strengthening or rehabilitating your hand, wrist, arm or shoulder.  Whether you play an instrument or play a sport, a Powerball will help you.  If you have suffered an injury, the gentle isometric exercise of a Powerball has well documented benefits.  But they are also just plain fun, as you try to beat your own (and each other's) speed records!

There are many imitators, so please don't be caught out. I've chosen to stock the Powerball® brand because they are the finest quality products of their kind.  At the speeds that these things spin, you want something that is precisely engineered and built to last! 

First stock arrives tomorrow, hopefully....