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ColorVelvet is Here!!

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ColorVelvet is Here!!

We were so impressed by our experience with ColorVelvet last year, that we negotiated a large direct order from the family business in Italy! 

After some COVID-related, and language-related, and perhaps, Italy-related, delays, we've been anticipating our shipment for some months.... and last week it arrived.  And, oh my.

        alt text      alt text

ColorVelvet is artistry for everyone.  Tactile and creative for kids, mindful and relaxing for adults; the soft black velvet defines every space, and accentuates every colour.  You can use textas, pencils, watercolours, dyes - anything you like.  Highlighter pens work very well!

   alt text   alt text

The designs are simply amazing.  We have posters, folders, and mandalas, each in a wide range of beautiful styles.  We've tried to find something for every age and taste.

 alt text    alt text

We're pretty sure we're the only shop in Australia with authentic Italian ColorVelvet... and we're proud to be that shop!


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