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RPM Powerballs!

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RPM Powerballs!

RPM Powerballs

RPM Powerballs are back in stock!  If you are wondering what to buy that tricky person for Christmas, well, here's something unique that is not only genuinely beneficial, but also mind-bogglingly cool. 

Powerballs are handheld gyroscopes that give your wrist and arm a pleasant workout.  There is no battery, and no motor - everything that the Powerball does, is powered by you - and it feels amazing!  I love handing a Powerball to a customer, and watching their reaction when it comes alive in their hands!

We've been very selective with this order from RPM in Ireland.  While I would love to carry their entire range again, the current retail climate is limiting.  Copies of the low cost, plastic-rotor Powerballs are available elsewhere anyway, and are probably quite serviceable for that price point.

So we've decided to focus on the models that really stand out: the Hybrid Pro, and the Titan!  Both of these Powerballs are the culmination of decades of product refinement, and it shows. 

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The Hybrid Pro combines a solid zinc metal rotor with a smoked-black, military-grade polycarbonate shell.  It is whisper quiet, silky smooth, and utterly addictive.  We've found this model to be much, much easier for beginners to operate, thanks to the additional momentum of the metal rotor.  It is capable of more powerful torques than the plastic rotor Powerballs - up to 27kgs of resistance, no less - and yet it can be operated easily at any speed, to suit anyone's arm.

Whether you want to build grip or forearm muscle, rehabilitate a wrist injury, or just relax in front of the television with a unique and satisfying toy, this is easily our top pick of the range!

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The Titan, on the other hand, is RPM's high performance model, with a solid aluminium shell to complement its zinc rotor.  This Rolls Royce of Powerballs is 30% larger than the Hybrid, and is perfect for strength and endurance building.  Like the Hybrid, it is silky smooth and a delight to hold... but start pushing up those spin speeds and trust us, you will feel the burn!

A good way to understand Powerballs is to watch a short video by RPM's CEO, Rory McLoughney.  We've linked a few of Rory's videos to our Powerball web pages.  Not only does he know his stuff, but we could listen to his gentle Irish lilt all day.

The best way to understand these Powerballs, is to come in and try one!

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