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Learning Can Be Fun

Snap For Beginners


Snap For Beginners is an interactive educational game designed to foster the development of pre-reading skills in children. It contains 160 laminated cards that are divided and coded into two sets, making it an ideal resource for sorting and matching activities.

This game encourages small group play with engaging games such as Snap, Fish, and Concentration. It provides a fun platform to enhance children's social, language, memory, concentration, visual recall, and discrimination abilities.

The set also includes 32 'trick' cards, which add an extra level of difficulty to the games. These cards are different in either size or colour, so children need to be careful not to 'snap' them. This promotes attention to detail and enhances visual discrimination skills.

Snap For Beginners comes with detailed instructions to guide the activities, ensuring an enjoyable and smooth gaming experience. All of these elements are neatly packed in a sturdy storage box with dimensions of 20cm x 16cm x 4cm, making it easy to store and maintain.

Snap For Beginners is a valuable learning resource that combines learning with play, supporting the foundational development of vital literacy and cognitive skills.

Ages 4+