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RPM Sports

Powerball - 280Hz Hybrid Autostart Pro


Ages 12+
Powerball Gyroscope
  • Hybrid Powerball - high performance zinc rotor; clear polycarbonate shell
  • Drop resistant
  • LCD Speed Meter - 100% battery free
  • Add a Powerball Carry Case to protect your Powerball

BRAND NEW HYBRID MODELS - Smoked black polycarbonate shell with a high-performance solid zinc rotor. The Hybrid features the resistant military-grade polycarbonate shell of a 280Hz Range Powerball but boasts a heavyweight solid zinc rotor like our Diablo Evo and Titan models. A new breed of Powerball, Hybrid successfully combines power, beauty into a uniquely effective device.

PRECISE FITNESS TRACKING - Powerball Hybrid Autostart Pro is fitted with a 6-mode Acura 2.0 LCD Speed Meter that is 100% battery-free; powered only by the magnetic energy of the spinning rotor. Precisely monitor your highest speeds, strength & endurance gains as well as your recovery progress. With an Autostart rotor for easy, fuss-free spinning every time.

INCREDIBLE POWER - With its zinc rotor, Powerball Hybrid holds the power of a Metal Series model and can output a massive 27kg in pure isometric resistance. Harness the immense power of Hybrid at fast speeds to build solid upper arm muscles and experience the ultimate grip.

ENHANCED SPORT & MUSICAL ABILITY - An effective exercise tool that will dramatically improve grip strength and finger dexterity, Powerball is a must-have product for all serious athletes (golf, tennis, climbing, boxing, etc.) and musicians (guitar, drums, piano).

ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - Whisper-quiet and only the size of a tennis ball - Powerball Hybrid is the ideal tool for quick spin sessions throughout the day. Whether on-the-go, in the car or at the office: Spin Powerball for 2-3 minutes to rapidly boost circulation during periods of inactivity and prevent injury (RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, numb hands).

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