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Brain Spice

Pop Sizzle Boom


Book - Activity

Pop Sizzle Boom is a kid-friendly collection of 101 highly interactive science experiments designed to engage elementary school aged children, encourage their natural curiosity, and transform them into scientists who love to question the world around them.

Kids will love baking cookie continents to learn about tectonic plates, experimenting with liquid dyes to find out about acids and bases, mixing together sticky magma candy (which they can later eat!) to discover the properties of rocks, and watching an egg get swallowed by a bottle thanks to the laws of air pressure.

Simple, step-by-step instructions with photos or line drawings accompany each popping, sizzling, and booming experiment to ease parents and kids through the process of inquiry and discovery. Everyday ingredients from your cabinets and recycle bins are all that’s needed to set the stage for the next awe-inspiring demonstration.

This book covers a wide range of topics including biology, chemistry, and physics and provides kid-speak explanations so kids can learn as they play.