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Ferris Wheel Music Box


You are going to love this Rolife Ferris Wheel DIY music box. This beautifully designed 3D wooden puzzle offers you a smooth assembly experience that will reward your whole weekend. It's a great home decor and hands-on gift.

UNIQUE GIFT: This DIY music box 3D wooden puzzle will be a unique hands-on gift for any DIY lovers or any occasion like Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthday. Easy to assemble with loads of fun.

EXQUISITE DECOR: Beautiful designs make it an artistic home decor when finished. Wind up the spring and dance to the beautiful tune playing.

REWARDING DIY: Have fun in the relaxing DIY crafting. You will forget all the worries and pressure during the assembly. It needs patience and dexterity, but not hard!

Ferris Wheel Music Box - Brain Spice

Ferris Wheel Structure:

The Ferris wheel is composed of multiple wooden cabins, each finely carved to display a unique appearance. The cabins are connected by wooden supports, enhancing overall stability.

Ferris Wheel Music Box - Brain Spice

Rotating Shaft:

The rotation of the Ferris wheel is driven by a central rotating shaft. This shaft is connected to the music box's internal gear components, ensuring a smooth rotation of the Ferris wheel during music playback.

Ferris Wheel Music Box - Brain Spice

Music Generation Mechanism:

The music box uses a winding mechanism to power the gears inside. As the spring releases energy, it drives a metal cylinder with raised pins that pluck the teeth of a comb-like structure, producing the melody.