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Kluwell Publications

My Special Word Collection


Why use My Special Word Collection?

The purpose of this book is to encourage the student to use it as a reference for the correct spelling of words and become a confident writer.

Parents: Encourage your children to use new words. Motivate them to read, write and collect new words.

Teachers: My Special Word Collection has been written to help focus students’ attention on words. It will supplement the strategies you use already.

Printed in full colour, My Special Word Collection includes the following features:

  • ALPHABET GUIDE on each page makes it easier for students to navigate to the required page.
  • ALPHABET LIST of words for easy reference.
  • Plenty of space to ADD NEW WORDS when they are discovered.
  • EXPLANATIONS AND EXAMPLES of alternative words, feelings, homophones, contractions, plurals, alternative words, abbreviations, parts of speech, notes pages and more.
  • Contains 200 MOST USED WORDS. Know these and students will know 90% of what they are reading and writing.
  • Helps develop early DICTIONARY SKILLS.
  • QUALITY LASTS all through Primary School.