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Maths Number - RIC Essentials



RIC Essentials: Maths Number

Number, Algebra, and Checking, Mental and Problem-solving Strategies

Laminated and folded to A4 for easy filing and durability

Students and teachers alike will find these easy-to-use essentials crucial to everyday learning and teaching. Laminated, the essential study guides come in a convenient A4 size specifically designed to fit neatly into a standard ring binder or just stand alone.

Number, Algebra, and Checking Mental and Problem-solving Strategies Incorporating:

  • essential tables for addition, multiplication and rounding;
  • commonly used mathematical terms, complete with definitions and examples;
  • easy-to-read equivalence charts for fractions, decimals and percentages;
  • succinct explanations and examples of patterns, sequences and order of operations;
  • examples of keywords and phrases, together with the correct operation associated with solving algebraic equations;
  • six clearly explained approaches which can be employed to check the accuracy of solutions;
  • shortcuts and patterns to help students and teachers easily identify if an answer is possibly correct;
  • five easy-to-use strategies to encourage students to make use of known facts when solving problems mentally;
  • an easy-to-use six-step approach to guide students through solving problems which are not always straightforward; and
  • guided questions to direct students’ thinking when solving problems.