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Ages 7+
1-8 Players

The game of honeycombs™ comes with fifty-two hexagon shape tiles. Each tile has six symbols on it and no two tiles are the same. Players compete to build the biggest honeycomb possible. To build a honeycomb, players connect two tiles by matching their symbols. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the honeybee. It is wild and can be connected with any other symbol. One point is awarded for every connection made. honeycombs™ has three distinct ways to play, each varying in its speed and competitiveness. Choose the one that’s right for your group.

Game Option A – Worker Bee
Each player receives 13 tiles and races to build their own honeycomb before their opponents build theirs. Once the first player has completed their honeycomb all other player must stop building immediately. However, finishing first doesn’t necessarily mean you have won because another player may have made more matches than you and therefore have more points. In a nutshell, players are racing to finish their honeycomb first but also to make the most matches. So grab your tiles and get busy.

Game Option B – One Big Honeycomb
Players earn individual points as they build one big honeycomb. Players take turns placing one tile at a time until all tiles have been used. During each turn, players place one tile anywhere on the honeycomb earning 1 point for every symbol they match. Since each tile has 6 symbols, there is a possibility of earning up to 6 points per turn. So, ‘bee’ strategic on where you place your tiles.

Game Option C – Honeycomb Puzzle
One or more players work at a leisurely pace to build a honeycomb puzzle. Like a traditional puzzle, there is no time limit or taking turns; everyone works together simultaneously. Unlike a traditional puzzle, tiles can be moved from one position to another at any time, by any player. You’re finished when all the tiles are connected to everyone’s satisfaction. Every time you play, the honeycomb puzzle is unique, challenging and fun.

Which option will you choose first?

1–4 Players

15–30 Min Playing Time

Age: 6+