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Hands-on Science


Ages 11+
Ages 6-8
Ages 9-10
Blackline Master

Hands-on Science

36 fun science activities

In Hands-on science, students conduct experiments, investigate, design and make, construct craft, cook, role-play and more! With each fun blackline master activity they are gaining understanding of essential scientific concepts and learning new skills. Integrated easily into anyprimary science program, Hands-on science gives students the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of theworld aroundthem and engage in collaborative, fun learning that makes science interesting and exciting!


  • 36 fun, student-oriented, hands-on activities that promote enthusiasm for and curiosity aboutscience
  • popular topics taken from the four main strands of science education
  • literacy frameworkslinking science with language
  • detailed teachers notes, including:
    – motivational lesson starters;
    – easy to understand explanations of scientific concepts;
    – step-by-step instructions;
    – additional activities to reinforce and apply the concepts learned; and
    – assessment opportunities and proforma.
  • glossary of all scientific terms
  • curriculum links