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Learning Can Be Fun

First Words Lets Learn Board Book


The Let's Learn Book Range - Let's Learn First Words Board Book is designed to help children learn and familiarise themselves with common everyday words. As part of the larger Let's Learn range, it is one of six colourful, child-friendly books aimed at helping children learn and identify essential concepts, providing them with a solid foundation for their early learning journey.

Each book in the series features realistic and captivating illustrations, helping children connect essential words and characters to their meanings. By providing this context in a fun and engaging way, the books aim to make learning an enjoyable experience.

Moreover, the Let's Learn series fosters active learning and discussion, encouraging children to ask questions. In Let's Learn Animals, a child might ask, "What sound does a cow make?" Likewise, Let's Learn First Words prompts children to consider, "What do you wear on your feet?"

Start your child's educational journey with the Let's Learn Book Range - Let's Learn First Words Board Book. Watch them enjoy the process of learning their first words!