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Little Ones - Early Learning Experiences

Exploring With Our Senses - Early Learning Experiences


Teachers Reference

Exploring with our Senses is part one in our series of books and is a practical guide that encourages children to actively participate and be involved in experiences that awaken their senses to their world and the world around them. It is particularly suited to the Early Learning Years. Its aim is to stimulate the creative and innovative minds of children.

Sensory play is an important part of a child's growth and development. This book has been carefully designed to meet the needs of children in their early years, giving them an excellent start to the exciting journey of learning through play. It is a practical and outcome based guide. It has clear outlines of the learning intentions and the equipment needed, encourages language and social interaction and offers opportunities to extend play. Sensory play including: aquarium rocks, coconut, clean mud, dried beans, ice cubes, sawdust and wheat. Water play including: bears, boats, foil, ice, colour and smells, nets and buckets. Sand trays including: river stones, rocks, miniature animals and greenery. Recipe section including: introduction and purpose and step by step guide to recipes. It contains over 250 coloured photographs.This book is a wonderful collection of self-explanatory photographs and text.

It can be used to guide educators, carers and those who work with children who may have special needs. It also offers opportunities for parents, grandparents and the wider community to extend play at home, making it both challenging and fun.

Authors: Leanne Sharp, Sue Charlick