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Everyday Literacy - Listening and Speaking

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Everyday Literacy – Listening and Speaking

Everyday Literacy –Listening and Speaking is a three book series that aims to improve reading and oral language development in the classroom. Each book contains 20 weekly units which include activities and an easy assessment page to reinforce skills covered. The activities can be split into fun, easy lessons that can be completed on a daily basis. Teachers can use this series in conjunction with their reading and literacy program.

Units and sections include:

  • Oral vocabulary development – new vocabulary; describing people, places and things; retelling; listening
  • Phonological awareness – identifying rhymes; blending word phonemes; breaking words into syllables; identifying digraphs
  • Comprehension – making predictions and inferences;sequencing; recalling details; making connections using illustrations, prior knowledge and experience
  • Motor skills – develops small-muscle and large-muscle coordination