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English Literacy - Australian Curriculum

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Year 6
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Australian Curriculum English – Literacy

Australian Curriculum English–Literacyis a series of seven books to support the teaching and learning of literacy. The series focuses on the sub-strands ofInterpreting,analysing,evaluating(Comprehension) and Creating texts (Writing) within the Literacy strand of the English curriculum.

The series emphasises the following threads:

  • Purpose and audience
  • Reading processes
  • Comprehension strategies
  • Analysing and evaluating texts – Year 6 only
  • Creating texts (Creating texts)

Editing and Use of software have been included butHandwritinghas not.
Since English is a teaching and learning area where components are interrelated, links to sub-strands of the Language and Literature strands and other sub-strands of Literacy are provided to note where they occur within the book.


  • reading activities
  • comprehension activities
  • writing activities
  • teaching points
  • a variety of imaginative, informative andpersuasive texts
  • additional activities
  • answers
  • content descriptions and elaborations for each set of four pages
  • comprehensive Australian Curriculum English links